Alexander McQueen Metal Cap Shoes From Autumn Winter Collection

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Alexander McQueen prepared their models for war, put your warrior helmets and armors on and march to victory! And so they went for a battle on the SS2014 catwalk. As much as I love Alexander McQueen, I do not want to flaunt my warrior helmet down town, no matter how feminine it’s been made. But fortunately, their creativity has not yet burned out. I love their autumn fall collection and I adore their new shoe line embellished with golden cap on toe. A classic that will reflect your personal taste, subtle and yet classy. The ballerina is leaning on the Pyramid, the creation reminds us of Egypt. Wearing these shoes would definitely captivate even the great Farao if we were in the right times. Crafted from a quality that suits your addiction to chic’ness, with extravagant touches that wraps you in glam. Three styles are available, the ballerina ($860) and on the top and left, two pumps ($1,045) at Alexander McQueen.

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Miu Miu New Lamé Sandals

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Another surprise was around the corner after the debut of Miu Miu’s Fall Winter 2013 fashion show, the unthinkable has been introduced, the new Miu Miu Lamé Sandals. Nothing like this has ever launched, their creativity has run over the edge. In our previous post, we had reviewed Miu Miu’s playful Nappa Biker bags collection followed by their resort 2014 ad campaign and now the new Lamé sandals are specially crafted for the bold girls who dare to be different, it’s fashion at its best. Refinement was not only the key, notice the feminine shapes and the brilliant mix of chic gold and silver blue colors. A timeless piece made from laminated nappa and suede, marry them with striped socks! For €590 at Miu Miu.

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Sofia Vergara Greets Her Adoring Public with a New Chanel Bag in Tow

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Sofia Vergara Chanel Rigid Handle Shopping Bag

Here’s Sofia Vergara, leaving the Good Morning America studios in NYC and waving to the crowd. She’s carrying a Chanel Rigid Handle Shopping Bag. We’re certain that this bag is a very recent acquisition because it’s a new style for Fall 2014, a collection which just arrived in boutiques. We can also confirm that this bag retails for a cool $5,200. Chanel’s Fall 2014 bags were, of course, first exhibited in the brand’s much hyped supermarket-styled runway show. You can take a closer look at those Chanel designs here.

When it comes to handbags, Sofia Vergara is a Chanel-and-similarly-high-end-brands-ONLY kind of girl, just like her character on Modern Family. (Frankly, I can’t tell where Sofia Vergara ends and Gloria begins, at this point.) She rarely bothers with smaller brands, but she will occasionally carry something by designers from her native Colombia. You can peruse her handbag collection at length in “The Many Bags of Sofia Vergara.”

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Saint Laurent Cassandre Shopper Tote

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As far as elegance goes, the Saint Laurent Cassandre shopper bag lacks nothing. There are several reasons why we handpicked this bag, first we love all things-classic. Usually timeless bags are famous not only because of their history or the brand’s fame but they also match effortless to most of your clothes in your wardrobe, just like an ice cube melting in your glass of cold water. The Cassandre shopper tote reminds me of the Chanel grand shopping tote and the Diorling tote, it’s clean, minimal and the iconic initials create a powerful statement. The major difference is that it’s not quilted like Chanel and Dior, but the leather is made from soft and smooth calfskin. Even though Hedi Slimane has decided to remove the ‘Yves’ from its iconic name, leaving only Saint Laurent, this Cassandre tote’s iconic features remains intact. YSL stands for Yves Saint Laurent and we would miss the Y if they didn’t include it.

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Balenciaga Marble Bag

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 I was doing some research online and accidentally found the new Balenciaga bag. I wasn’t really sure in the beginning, but I saw something different about it, the bag had marble studs and polished silver buckles. This must be the new iconic bag and I LOVE it. It’s so fresh and absolutely to-die-for, I am not so much into the Le Dix collection, but the new Marble bag made my heart melt.


BRAGMYBAG STAFF: OMG, it’s excellent, I love those studs!

Lily: Alexander Wang is doing something good after all.

BRAGMYBAG STAFF: I am dying to see it in real life, thanks for pointing this out.

Without any warning, Balenciaga has secretly released their new Marble bags. We are stunned and sad at the same time; something as beautiful as this should be shared to every Balenciaga fan. And definitely because they have been promoting the new Le Dix bags like there was no limit to their marketing budget.

The new Balenciaga Marbled bags are from the fall and winter 2013 collection, an additional piece to the iconic line with gold-tones accents and suede detailing.

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Bottega Veneta Cruise 2014 Collection

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Fashion shouldn’t always just be about colors and shapes, if that’s all what the fashion world has to offer, then please let the meteorite strike us tomorrow. Just like the phone shouldn’t be just a phone, fashion must always innovate. Have you seen how the iPhone transforming throughout the years, it has become smaller, lighter, faster, functional, better, prettier and it should be same with fashion. The innovation must never end, and if there are no endings, then sky alone is the limit, creativity will be infinite. Just like technology, designer bags should transform too, it should become lighter, prettier, more practical, easier and different. Thankfully, Bottega Veneta is one of the brands that are focused on innovation. Their new Cruise 2014 release is all about ease and informal elegance. They wanted to create silhouette that’s relaxed and still has the feminine shape for every woman to enjoy. With color palette incorporated that creates the magic between neutral and radiant colors like electric blue, various red, walnut or pink. And with material used as strong as a rock and at the same time light weighed is an example of fashion innovation. We love the new spring colors, do you? These bags are available at Bottega Veneta.

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