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Christies Handbag and Accessories Auction September 2014

There are few things I enjoy more than poring over the lots in a new auction. When you’re already well-acquainted with what’s available in stores, a well-curated group of rare bags and accessories, culled from the world’s best-stocked closets, is the best way to get the thrill of the new. Thankfully, that’s exactly what I found in the Christie’s Online Luxury Handbags and Accessories Auction, which just launched.

The auction includes some pieces that are extremely coveted by collectors, including a Birkin from Hermès’ incredibly popular, long-sold-out, limited edition So Black collection and a Chanel Flap Bag made in the image of ice cubes. The auction also includes both leather and exotic options from the fashion world’s finest brands, including plenty of Hermès Birkins and Kellys and diverse options from Céline, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more.

The online-only auction runs from now through October 1, and all of the handbags and accessories are available for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure via Christie’s. Check out some of our favorite pieces from the auction below.

Hermès Limited Edition So Black Birkin in Black Box Leather
Bidding Starts at $14,700 via Christie’s

Hermes So Black Birkin

Hermès Special Order Bicolor Kelly Bag in Black Box Leather and Violet Crocodile
Bidding Starts at $6,600 via Christie’s

Hermes Special Order Bicolor Kelly Bag

Chanel Limited Edition Ice Cube Flap Bag
Bidding Starts at $3,300 via Christie’s

Chanel Limited Edition Ice Cube Flap Bag

Hermès Collier de Chein Bracelet
Bidding Starts at $1,200 via Christie’s

Hermes Collier de Chein Bracelet

Hermès Birkin in Fuchsia Ostrich
Bidding Starts at $14,700 via Christie’s

Hermes Fuchsia Ostrich Birkin

Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag in Crocodile
Bidding Starts at $8,200 via Christie’s

Christian Dior Crocodile Lady Dior bag

Hermès Birkin in Gold Leather
Bidding Starts at $6,200 via Christie’s

Hermes Gold Leather Birkin

Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch in Rose Tyrien Epsom Leather
Bidding Starts at $4,600 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch Rose Tyrien

Hermès Kelly Picnic Bag
Bidding Starts at $32,604 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Picnic Bag

Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Caviar Leather
Bidding Starts at $2,300 via Christie’s

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Sky Blue

Hermès Birkin in Gris Fonce Lizard
Bidding Starts at $22,900 via Christie’s

Hermes Lizard Birkin Bag

Hermès Birkin in Black Matte Crocodile
Bidding Starts at $32,600 via Christie’s

Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin

Céline Nano Luggage Tote in Leather and Pony
Bidding Starts at $2,000 via Christie’s

Celine Nano Luggage Tote

Hermès Kelly Bag in Turquoise Togo Leather
Bidding Starts at $9,800 via Christie’s

Hermes Togo Turquoise Kelly Bag

Hermès Birkin in Violine Ostrich
Bidding Starts at $14,700 via Christie’s

Hermes Violine Ostrich Birkin

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Suede and Swarovski Strass Theda Bag
Bidding Starts at $4,600 via Christie’s

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Suede Swarovski Strass Theda Bag

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Louis Vuitton Walk The Emblematic Streets Of Paris

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As much as we love Louis Vuitton bags, we adore their prestigious shoes as well, especially pumps with heels. And it’s not only the look that’s amazing, but the extremely comfortable interior will make us feel even more fabulous.

Louis Vuitton wrapped their best shoes around a beautiful video. The images were taken in streets of Paris, that’s why it’s titled: ‘Louis Vuitton Shoe Collection Walk The Emblematic Street Of Paris’. But anyways, follow the advice of Marilyn Monroe: ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’.

Presenting Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 Shoe Collection, featuring pumps crafted partly with suede and exotic leather for the night-out, discover the LV logo on the sole of these shoes, or embellished on the tag of the zipper. Match them with your best outfit and we are certain you can conquer the night.






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Hermes Sac à Dépêches Briefcase Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Hermes Sac à Dépêches briefcase bag made of Togo Calfskin. It has a flap front with push lock mechanism made of palladium hardware, comes with key and bell cover. It has a divided interior with various pockets and two side gussets. This style is currently available in two sizes, 38cm and 41cm.

The Hermes Sac à Dépêches comes in various colors like Black, Bleu Lin, Ocean Blue, Taupe and Cocoa.  The style works for the professional man or woman as it the perfect everyday work bag that can carry an ipad or small laptop. Certain countries currently have the styles available online directly at our site, your experience may vary.


Sac à Dépêches 38cm


US Price

UK Price

Euro Price


Hermes Sac a Depeches 38cm Bag $8,400.00 (USD) £5,060.00 €5,350.00 15″ x 11.5″ x 4″

Sac à Dépêches 41cm


US Price

UK Price

Euro Price


Hermes Sac a Depeches 41cm Bag $8,750.00 (USD) £5,300.00 €5,600.00 16″ x 12″ x 4″


Source: Hermes

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Be Dior Fall / Winter 2014 Ad Campaign featuring Jennifer Lawrence

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Dior has recently released the Be Dior Fall/Winter 2014 Ad Campaign. For the fourth time, Jennifer Lawrence graces the Dior campaign this time with the brand’s newest bag style, the Be Dior Flap Bag. Jennifer is wearing a Dior pantsuit in black and black pumps with minimal accessories. The campaign features the Be Dior Bag in three colors, Pink, Light Blue and Yellow Crocodile.  The bags start at $3,700.00 (USD) in the smallest size and $5,400.00 (USD) for the medium size in tri-color.


Dior Fall/Winter 2014 Ad Campaign 1

Dior Fall/Winter 2014 Ad Campaign 2

Dior Fall/Winter 2014 Ad Campaign 3

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Hermes Toolbox Bag

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Do you want to know which Hermes bags are the most classic, iconic and hard-to-get? Well, the first step is to ready and enjoy our extremely-long Hermes Bag List article. Mark the bags down that you like the most (besides the Birkin and Kelly of course), and as final; check regularly whether these bags are available on the Hermes e-store.

You will not find your destiny with the Birkin or Kelly on the Hermes e-store, due to high demand, they will never (and probably not in the future either) sell these iconic bags on the internet.

Two weeks ago, we posted an article about the Hermes Kelly Long Wallet, this wallet is not easy to find, not even in Hermes boutique, so it was rare that we find it on the Hermes website. Naturally we informed our loyal readers and you know what happened 5 minutes after we published it on Bragmy bag andFacebook? Literally the Hermes Kelly Long Wallet disappeared from the catalogues.

You want to know why?

Because Hermes was selling in limited supply, so when everyone started to add the Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in their shopping cart, it quickly sold-out.

The Hermes Toolbox is another one ‘must have’ and ‘not easy to get’ bag. Hermes rarely post the Toolbox Bag on their website, because it’s a classic bag in its own right. Orange defines the brand Hermes, so getting this colour in the Hermes Toolbox is not a bad idea at all. A few of our community also recently purchased this bag in another color:

From Rosi:
Hi, I have just bought Hermes Toolbox 26 flamingos.

From Swee:
Hello everyone, I just wanted to share that I just got my Hermes toolbox 26 and waiting for the baby to land on my lap very soon. It’s a swift duo colour toolbox with lemon yellow leather on the interiors, stunning!

Because Hermes released different colors and sometimes different leathers, depending on the season, the purpose of this post is not to share about the shades. Instead, we want to give you a detailed look at the Hermes Toolbox bag – from the front to the back, the top to the bottom, and of course the inside.

The interior is made with three large inside pockets and it also comes with a shoulder strap so that you can either carry it by hand or cross body.

And the details about the Hermes Toolbox in orange:
Leather: Fire Evercolor Calfskin
Hardware: Silver hardware
Measuring 26 x 25 x 18 cm (L x H x D)
Price: €5.200 euro’s or £4,920 GBP

More details:
20 cm Toolbox in swift: $7,000 USD
26 cm Toolbox in Swift: $7,800 USD or €5.200 euro’s
33 cm Toolbox: the price is unknown.





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Kourtney Kardashian Just Can’t Resist a Stuart Weitzman Sandal-Boot

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Kourtney Kardashian Stuart Weitzman Aphrodite Snakeskin Sandals

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian arriving at a studio in LA with Kim, enjoying the endless LA summer weather in a pair of knee-high Stuart Weitzman Aphrodite Snakeskin Sandals. Kourtney is extremely fond of both the Stuart Wetizman brand and this particular style of shoe. You can find Kourtney’s exact pair for $485 at Forward. (You’ll never find real snakeskin boots for that great of a price, of course. These are embossed leather.)

Knee-high boots do a great job of making super petite Kourtney look taller–until you see her standing next to practically anyone. (Kourt is short. Did we mention that already?) We saw Kourtney wearing the less ornate Stuart Weitzman Knee-High Gladiator Boots last spring. She’s also partial to the brand’s platform wedges.

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