Hermes Revamps the Online Buying Experience of Scarves

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Hermes recently did a big revamp of their website to make the buying experience of scarves that much more fun.  The new section is dubbed “La Maison de Carrés” and the new website allows customers to endlessly scroll through the entire online selection in one easy scroll. The new shopping experience is great for those who like to browse but has unlimited types of filtering available to allow for easier sorting, from size, price, color and scarf type.

Some negatives from the new format is that the interface appears to be more suitable to browsing on an Ipad or Tablet since its not too intuitive on how to close the sidebar (clicking anywhere else on the screen) as it doesn’t minimize automatically once you’ve picked your filter selections.  Also, some of the videos of the models wearing scarves are not matched to the scarf you are currently viewing, although this is likely going to be remedied once all new videos are shot.

Try it yourself, the new Hermes “La Maison de Carrés” Scarves Store is Live!

Hermes La Maison de Carres

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A Closer Look at Chanel Cruise 2015 Bag Collection

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If you’re already hunting for your next Chanel bag, then please ‘pardon our interruption, but we needed to make sure you are way ahead of the trend before anyone does. You see, Chanel will be releasing the Cruise 2015 Collection very soon and we think it’s always better to prepare than not to. So, you got your wish list in your pocket?


Before we go into the ‘boy’ (I know, we can’t wait), I want to tell you a little bit more about the story of the Chanel CC Golden Clutch Bag first. You see, we have alarmed you about this clutch some time ago, if you can’t remember then please go to Chanel CC Golden Clutch Bag.

This clutch bag is decorated with golden CC all around the body, which makes it so rich and luxurious. It’s finalized with an interwoven chain link, also in gold and even the leather strap. It should be made from plexi glass, which is a strong material. Oh gosh, are you already melting away?


Gold is the theme of Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection, even the boy is entirely painted in gold. It’s a creative design, instead of quilts in the center, Chanel re-made it with round-shaped dots. The Boy CC is in gold, the strap and even the big chain, the person carrying this will leave a permanent impression.


Finally, we want to give some attention to the Jerry Can Bag, I am serious; this is its real name. Chanel has already featured several designs on the catwalk, including one that’s entirely in gold and made from lambskin. You can glance more pictures at Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection Preview.

So what do you think about the ‘boy’, you like?




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Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign Featuring New Modernized Totes

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Mirrors are breaking at Balenciaga’s Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign, Giselle Bündchen is invited to do the show – she is wearing street chic, with black boots on while covering herself with a green/purple winter jacket.

The message is very clear, Balenciaga is turning the heat on, it’s all about being tough, a very exciting ad campaign though, shot in a room with minimum lights, with black and white images. But you know where our eyes go, our mind is like a torpedo, it find things to satisfy our crave – bags, bags and more bags.

The Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign featured two kinds of bag that you have to know more about. First it’s the new modernized tote bag, embellished with a golden plate on the front with the signature of Balenciaga printed. It’s available in luxurious croc or in regular leather. Just to let you know what you will be dealing with, the handles are made from metal. For more detailed images, please go to our previous post: ‘Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection’.

The second bag is more mysterious, it’s another new addition – a feminine tote with smooth leather handles, it’s simple yet impressive. Perfect for the elegant lady; match it with your black trench coat. The bag comes with a long tag and printed with the ‘Balenciaga’ Logo in the center.











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Tods Flower Totes

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When I read ‘flower’, I couldn’t control myself; ‘I just got to see what is’.

Well, first of all; it’s from the brand Tods. They have a few classic designs that we love – you know, like theD-Cube Totes, the Sella Bag or the D.D. Totes. Tods spend a lot of thoughts and energy in craftsmanship; they use the best quality leather, detailed attention in cutting, work and sewing (all by hands). Each single object becomes an unique piece, a masterpiece.

Tods Flower Tote Collection is one of their latest releases; it’s an one-of-the kind bag – have you ever heard of a tote bag with a shape inspired by flowers? Nah, me neither.

The tote is not only gorgeous, but the top has a wobbling sensual structure that mirrors the head of a flower. It comes in different colors, even in winter shades. Crafted from semi-glossy tumbled leather, with elegant hexagonal studs. The logo ‘TODS’ is printed in the center, a sophisticated touch with a fringed luggage tag.

The Tods Flower Tote comes in two sizes, small and medium. The small size is measured 22 x 24 x 13 cm, priced at $1095 USD, the medium size is measured 28 x 27 x 16 cm, available at Tods e-store for $1425 USD.







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PurseForum Roundup – September 19

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Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain Bag

Well, PurseForum Roundup readers, we have passed the mid-September mark and we’re definitely seeing some signs of autumn, both on the PurseForum and out in the wild. This week, we spent some quality time in Handbags and Purses, the Jewelry Box, Chanel and more. We’re glad you could join us, so come on along!

Outfit Accessories

We visited the Wardrobe this week and spent some time in one of our favorite threads on the PurseForum: the Lets Talk Fashion, Glamour, Styling thread for women of a certain age. We found stylin’ susieserb getting ready for a gathering in fine form.

Another favorite thread genre is the stylebook, and this summer bakeacookie got her stylebook “published” right here in this brilliant thread. Another conversation worth a look (or is it?) is theTotally Worth It, Totally Not Worth It thread, which makes for some very interesting reading.

Hermes Enamel Bracelets

In the Jewelry Box, the Ultimate Dream Piece of Jewelry thread was awakened from a long slumber, and wow, our PurseForum members really know how to dream! What’s on your jewelry wish list? We also had a lovely romp in the How Do You Store Your Jewelry thread and found a colorful collection of Hermès enamels from doreenjoy. 

Beaded Bracelet

We also visited the Trollbead Addiction thread; it’s always full of colorful and inspiring creations, including this pretty combination of glass beads and silver assembled by jeep317. There is so much going in the Jewelry Box and plenty of bling to go around!

Exotic Purple Bag

This week in Handbags and Purses, we caught up with the Bag Showcase subforum, where our members post their bag families for the enjoyment of a very, very appreciative audience. We noticed that lilyyy’s thread got a bump this week, thanks to the addition of a gorgeous jumbo Chanel Boy Bag. But the showstopper in her thread was from a while back; if you haven’t caught this fantastic Versace, here is your chance. World of B opened up her handbag closetrecently, too, and it is absolutely stunning!

Mansur Gavriel Bags

Handbags and Purses is where we put everything that doesn’t fit in the rest of our bag designer subforums. It’s also where many of our designer forums get their start: Once a designer gains popularity–as evidenced by multiple threads in H&P–a dedicated subforum is not far behind. We have our eyes on Mansur Gavriel at the moment; are we seeing the stirrings of a future subforum? We found some great bags in the threads this week, including this pair of stunnersfrom rdgly.

Don’t miss JetSetGo’s black bucket bag with a surprise interior, and FashBrat’s classic tote withanother surprise inside (this time, glittering gold)!

Deadly Ponies Handbag

Also in Handbags and Purses, we wandered over to the Obscure Bags thread and foundreckfly’s pretty bags from Deadly Ponies, a line that looks to have a lot of fans already!

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain Bag

Chanel never disappoints, and this week we found the September purchases thread in full swing. This gold stingray Boy is certainly a teriffic find, and this new addition to drpn23′s collection was appreciated by everyone. Lsm_906 had a first Chanel buyer’s question about her bag, anddianar27rvi and luv2run41 each scored beautiful vintage bags that look as if they haven’t aged a day.


One thing we love about the PurseForum is the surprises, and we found a fabulous one in Home and Garden, where a lamp installation caught our attention. Check out the final product inclu13′s home! Another fun thread worth a visit is the Your Pet Now and Then, a new conversation just getting off the ground with plenty of cute furbabies to enjoy.

Thank you everyone for dropping by. We hope you have a great weekend and week ahead. We will be keeping our eyes on the PurseForum for you and be right back here next week for more reveals and conversations from our favorite fashion destination. See you soon!

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Celine Luggage Tote Bags Price Increase for Summer 2014 collection

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Just checking the Celine Summer 2014 Mini Luggage bags and it appears that the prices for a solid color mini luggage from the Summer 2014 collection is going to be $3,600 USD. For reference here are the past articles on tracking Celine Luggage price increases:

  • Celine Fall 2013 Luggage prices – $2,700 USD (August 2013)
  • Celine Spring 2014 Luggage Prices - $3,100 USD (November 2013)

However, it appears that the primary color tri-color bag will be available for $3,300 USD (pictured) but the solid colored mini luggage are being marked up to $3,600 USD from $3,100 USD a 16% increase. It could be that the new mini luggage bags from the Summer 2014 collection are going to be made of different leather, but for now it appears that the smooth leather calfskin is $3,600 USD. (Update: It appears that the $3,600 price point is for Palmelato leather, which garners a more expensive price point. However, if Summer collections are only going to be this type it could be a permanent increase. Information is updated as they are received, the data here is based on observed prices in stores)

Phantoms are maintaining their price at $3,100 USD include those with the colored trim. See this post for updated information.

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