Celine Luggage Tote Bags Price Increase for Summer 2014 collection

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Just checking the Celine Summer 2014 Mini Luggage bags and it appears that the prices for a solid color mini luggage from the Summer 2014 collection is going to be $3,600 USD. For reference here are the past articles on tracking Celine Luggage price increases:

  • Celine Fall 2013 Luggage prices – $2,700 USD (August 2013)
  • Celine Spring 2014 Luggage Prices - $3,100 USD (November 2013)

However, it appears that the primary color tri-color bag will be available for $3,300 USD (pictured) but the solid colored mini luggage are being marked up to $3,600 USD from $3,100 USD a 16% increase. It could be that the new mini luggage bags from the Summer 2014 collection are going to be made of different leather, but for now it appears that the smooth leather calfskin is $3,600 USD. (Update: It appears that the $3,600 price point is for Palmelato leather, which garners a more expensive price point. However, if Summer collections are only going to be this type it could be a permanent increase. Information is updated as they are received, the data here is based on observed prices in stores)

Phantoms are maintaining their price at $3,100 USD include those with the colored trim. See this post for updated information.

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The Best Shoe Deals for the weekend of September 19th

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Shoe Deals Feature Image

September can be a lull for great sales, but between the Forzieri sale and today’s round of shoe deals, it looks like things are staring to turn around. Shop this week’s round of sales, and if you’re inclined to buy one, two or three pairs, we say, go for it! Also be sure to check out our Deals Pagefor other great sales happening on the Internet right now.

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Loewe Amazona Bag with Anagrams Prints

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Sometimes, it’s better to admit your weaknesses – we jump through the roof whenever we see a designer brand modifying their iconic bags. Especially when they come up with new prints, leathers or looks. We bite our lips and then judge: ‘did they make it better or worst?’.

Since Jonathan Anderson led the group of Loewe, a lot of things have changed. First, it’s their website, I have to say that its much clearer than before, simper with white background. You can compare it at our previous post: ‘Loewe Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection by Steven Meisel’.

Then the secret weapon of the brand, the Loewe Amazona bag with its long and rich history. A new design has been introduced and we honestly love it.

First, it’s the print. The new Loewe Amazona Bag is printed with small Anagrams patterns. You know how Louis Vuitton love to write their signature all over the body of their bags? Well Loewe is doing almost the same thing, their logo has been embellished from the back to the front. And to make it more special, one logo on the right has been marked in white, so that every can see what it stands for – made with love.

Then two new styles have been launched. The Amazona 75 Bag is now available in extra large size, meaning more room to store your essentials. Basically perfect for work, tote it from your home to your office and take all your necessary documents and laptop with you. It’s beautiful from the exterior to the interior, the key characteristics are soft, ultra light constructions, high grade exposed leather. You can find a zippered pocket inside. Available at Loewe e-store.



Loewe Amazona 75 Bag in Anagrams Prints
Measuring 29 x 24 x 18 cm
Price: €1.900 euro’s or $2,690 USD

Loewe Amazona 75 Extra Large Bag in Anagrams Prints
Measuring 37 x 28 x 19 cm
Price: €2.200 euro’s or $2,990 USD


Loewe Bolso Amazona 75 Large Bag in Anagrams Prints
Measuring 37 x 28 x 19 cm

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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of September 19

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Bag Deals September 19

Over the past week, something has changed. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but the Internet’s handbag sale pages went from being a barren handbag wasteland to being…well, slightly less barren. Sale season is nowhere near to full swing, but some rather notable handbag options have been added to almost every major retailer’s sale page in the past seven days, and we’ve assembled the best of the best into our weekly roundup of bag deals below.

If you require even more sales, steals and markdowns, head on over to our PurseBlog Deals Page, which is updated daily!

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You Have Six Months to Fortify Your Wallet Against Fendi’s Spring 2015 Runway Bags

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Fendi Spring 2015 Handbags 9

In journalism school, my favorite professor once told me that reviewing something you love is much more difficult than reviewing something you hate, which means I’ve got my work cut out for me when it comes to Fendi’s Spring 2015 bags. After scoping out the dozens (literally) of bags and small leather goods that models toted down the brand’s runway, I’ve become convinced that Karl Lagerfeld loves me and wants me to be happy. The bags are that beautiful.

Fendi’s made a habit in recent seasons of pushing the fashion conversation forward when it comes to construction and textiles, and this collection does that while maintaining a pale, feminine, decidedly spring-like aesthetic. The collection largely avoids launching entirely new bags; instead, Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi went about reimagining and embellishing fan favorites like the Peekaboo, Baguette, 3Jours and By The Way.

The brand’s huge successful small accessories were also all over the place, including Bag Bugs in new colors and a new, miniaturized Karlito, ripe for wait lists. Many of the bags were also adorned with teeny-tiny versions of other Fendi bags; after all, who doesn’t want to hang a little Baguette or Peekaboo on her 3Jours? Check out all the bags (and the bags on bags) below.

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The Best Shoes of London Fashion Week Spring 2015

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LFW Feature Image

London Fashion Week was over in the blink of an eye, with a whirlwind of shows happening in five days. In this short span, designers left a very noticeable impression on what’s expected for Spring 2015. TopShop channeled a very chic form of athleticism, while Christopher Bailey,Burberry Prorsum‘s CEO, was inspired by the beauty of an English summer.

Nicholas Kirkwood collaborated with ready-to-wear designer Roksanda Ilincic on some very geometric sandals, and Tom Ford chose to adorn his models with stockings and platform clogs. Innovation was at its finest this London Fashion Week, and before we virtually jet set to Milan, check out some of the standouts in the gallery below!

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