A Briefcase Like No Other: Fendi Peekaboo Fit

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There are now three men’s Peekaboo size. Regular, Small, and Fit.fendi-peekaboo-fit-1

We love the Peekaboo. Men’s, women’s, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great amazing bag and there’s no getting over it. It was such a wonderful thing to find that there’s a men’s Peekaboo bag. Perhaps it could be considered too big, so Fendi came out with a smaller men’s Peekaboo.

Perhaps, as a briefcase, the men’s Peekaboo really just didn’t make it well enough as a briefcase. So seeing a new kind of men’s Peekaboo, called the Peekaboo Fit, is the union of two things: the iconic Peekaboo design, and the familiarity of the briefase that you’ve known all your life.fendi-peekaboo-fit-3

It’s a much thinner bag compared to its bigger brothers, but carries over all the good things about the men’s Peekaboo. There’s the drop leather front that makes a Fendi bag bag a Peekaboo, zippered pockets, and a top handle. It also retains rings on both sides so you can carry it with a sling.fendi-peekaboo-fit-4

It’s a great business suit companion. But some could consider the bag an okay everyday bag, even though you’re not necessarily dressed up.


With the Peekaboo Fit, men can now choose three sizes of the peekaboo bag. The Large, Regular and Fit sizes should be enough selection for the fashionable Fendi man. Wouldn’t mind having one of each too.mens-fendi-peekaboo-family

Images from Fendi.

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Fendi ABClick Charms 2017

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Fendi ABClick Charms 2017 Fendi ABClick Charms 2017

Fendi ABClick charm first introduced in 2017, ABClick resort collection comes back in the spring/summer season 2017 as the latest Fendi collection of signatures. Accent color in some fur he presents at the 26 alphabet materials gold metal. Fendi ABClick Charm is designed to have the function of versatile, as it can be associated on a necklace, handbag, purse, bag strap, even shoes with just one ‘ click ‘. In addition to selecting the letters represent the initials of the name, you can also combine with symbols such as performed by Gigi Hadid, Hadid, Bella Stella Maxwell, Taylor Hill, Vanessa Moody, and Josephine Skriver in his campaign. If you are a woman who is fond of giving personal touches at fashion’s favourite items, you can immediately have it because Fendi ABClick charm has been available since January 2017 in the entire Fendi boutiques.

Stella Maxwell and Vanessa Moody Fendi Campaign Fendi ABClick Charms 2017Taylor Hill and Gigi Hadid Fendi Campaign Fendi ABClick Charms 2017Bella Hadid and Josephine Skriver Fendi Campaign Fendi ABClick Charms 2017

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Fendi: Meet Bug-Kun & Piro-Chan At Fendi MBS

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In case you haven’t already heard, Fendi’s cutest furry duo yet, #Fendirumi are in Singapore now, taking in the sights and celebrating the newly-revamped Fendi boutique at Marina Bay Sands. With different ‘rooms’ within the store dedicated to RTW for men, women, furs, bags, shoes and even accessories, the boutique also houses a beautifully ‘spiked’ wall, make of up of countless metal prongs that together form a stunning backdrop of Fendi’s most IT bags.

And then there’s Bug-Kun and Piro-Chan (Bug’s blue while Piro is pink) who will be hosting their own meet-and-greet sessions at the new store from today till 27 November 2016. Yes, if you want to get up close and personal with the fantastic furry duo (and check out the new store at the same time), here are the timings you should take note of. For today, it’s 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm. For 25 to 27 November, the Fendirumi will be looking adorable and be at #FendiMBSevery hour on the hour from 3pm to 8pm.

Take a photo (or two), and while you’re there, shop up a storm and bring home your very own Bug-Kun and Piro-Chan in the form of furry bag charms, because you get fur-get about trying to kidnap the mascots and bringing them home.

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Fendi Fall/Winter 2016: Modernizing Fur

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The mood at Fendi this Fall/Winter 2016 season was upbeat, less intellectual, and overall cheery. That showed in the mishmash and gleeful way the clothes were layered on and over-decorated. Some pieces had so many design details that they came jarringly close to looking fussy. The strongest points for Fendi this season, instead, were the simple gestures of a modern silhouette with some fur thrown in – an idea and a token, but ultimately an affirmation of what the brand does best.34_fendi_donna_fw_16-17_

For a Fall/Winter collection, there was actually a lot more lightness to the collection than one would expect from a house known for fur. An arts and craft approach lent the clothes a vibrant color story and playfulness. Hems of skirts were ruffled and fluted, as were high socks and the undulating layers on shoes. Graphic curvy stripes come on in waves. But Lagerfeld, long-time designer of ready to wear for the house (he’s been there 51 years), is never one to over-intellectualize – so perhaps the ruffles were simply an outpour of passion for a younger, frillier girl.29_fendi_donna_fw_16-17_

The namesake family designer at the house, though, is best at accessories. We saw Silvia Venturini Fendi continue her embellishment game with her bags. The Peekaboo, 2Jours, 3Jours, DotCom, By The Way and the unmistakable Baguette were given adoringly light-hearted treatments of sequined embroidery, fur appliqué, and a mix of marquetry and studded leather straps. They were a vibrant refreshment that positioned bags as collectable objects of whimsy and desire, not just stale leather goods to be considered for their investment value. It was hard to ignore the DotComs and By The Ways that featured smooth leather ripples over a suede body, and equally hard not to fall a little in love with a teal Baguette with great big tiered ruffled leathers erupting outwards.22_fendi_donna_fw_16-17_

But the real gasp and coo moments from Fendi this season were the furs – duh. A great big furry bag – appropriately named Teddy – was paired with a spotted and striped intarsia fur coat. In other coats, the intricate intarsia technique was used to Japanese effect with delicate ikebana floral motifs. The impression made by such full-fur pieces is astounding, of course, when the cost and craft is considered – but they can easily strike an excessive note. Two looks encapsulated the ideally stylish and modern use of fur. On Lineisy Monteiro was a wide, A-line quilted parka with a textured fur collar – worn with beautiful double-faced denim trousers. On Imaan Hammam, a white and green roll neck was worn under a lightly pleated and oversized dinner jacket with a matching fur stole over a shoulder. The effect was effortless and aspirational, a real synthesis of heritage and currency.

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Fendi Black Flowerland Dotcom Bag
Size: 30 x 24 x 14 (L x H x D) in cm

Looks like sophisticated flower power is on its way to the glamorous fashion house of Fendi as embodied on its Black Flower Capsule Bag Collection. Yes ladies, everything about this collection is made more chic and feminine with the beautiful flower adornments.

Now what makes this Fendi collection special and unique? Well well, all the bags are all in the capsule collection and are sporting the black color. And oh, they added the right amount of flower embellishments without looking over the top.

This Black Flower Bag Collection also features Fendi’s top and most-loved bags of all time such as the Dotcom, Peekaboo, and By The Way Bag.

The Dotcom Bag looks modern than ever with the tone-on-tone Flowerland flowers and metallic stitching while the Peekaboo looks more feminine with the cute flower accents. The By The Way mini Bag on the other hand is decorated with the same flowers and with two-tone plexiglass studs.


Fendi Black Flowerland Peekaboo Bag
Size: 23 x 18 x 11 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland Mini By The Way Bag
Size: 21 x 12.5 x 9.5 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland By The Way Bag
Size: 27 x 13 x 15 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland Backpack
Size: 29 x 30 x 12 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland Charm


Fendi Black Flowerland Strap You


Fendi Black Flowerland Jewel Sandal


Fendi Flowerland Black Sandal

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Replica Fendi Handbags since early autumn series debut By The Way Pure calfskin handbag, immediately get attention and love each trend of people. In the coming autumn and winter, the brand launched more exciting By The Way handbags, reflecting the brand new modern style, with stylish girl and the young lady will be personalized. Inspired by its function name handbags, carry up to four ways: long side backpack shoulder strap, Replica handbags, hand bags, and the arm through the handle of the hand-held mode.

Replica Fendi Handbags

By The Way is neither a true single handbag, but also more than a handbag, a doctor is more than quadruple the bag …… but handbags! Simple and elegant appearance, not cumbersome. By-The-Way handbags show themselves extremely high plasticity shape so that you can not wait for the moment to carry. Small and easy to close, hidden inside the universe, with plenty of space, enough to accommodate everyday needs, with two internal partitions and central phone zipper bag. The new Replica Fendi Roma Handbags flag hot pressure in front of handbags, customers can more initials engraved on the strap, unique custom boutique style.

Replica Fendi Handbags

By the way a major feature is its flexibility handbag, handle design in two sizes to choose from, innovation is the key to amazing function. Large button door and let Liangbing short studs can easily handle erected, act as a conventional handle, the bag can also be flat against the body, acts as a smaller handbag.

Replica Fendi Handbags

This highly flexible design not only uphold FENDI brand has been pursuing a dual nature, it shows the designer Silvia Venturini Replica Fendi handbags in the creation of the everyday needs of women into the design. Silvia Venturini Fendi wealth of creativity more Winter Series By The Way surprise, handbags design combines autumn and winter women series of theme, creating a grid of other trees of the new trend, leading fashion brand to lay status. Soft, fine calfskin simple version using the brand good spell color techniques, another unexpected calfskin handbag with crocodile tail. Furthermore, laden with Tibetan antelope wool and decorated with fluorescent details of the design concept of the perfect interpretation of the Fur Escape, Symphony python leather handbags crocodile back side inlaid just like studs, giving people an unexpected freshness, sections are teaching people put it down. From morning to night, cool composure. By The Way handbag year round, suitable for any occasion.

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