Givenchy L.C. Briefcase In Tartan

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givenchy_l-c-briefcase-tartanThose savvier amongst you will already know that some designer houses are featuring their upcoming collections online, perhaps to get us all excited (and start planning what exactly to buy) before the line-up is officially released. And those amongst you who stalk Givenchy regularly like I do may have already spotted the upcoming Pre-Fall 2014 L.C. Briefcase in red tartan print, which I have to say is the most interesting bag that’s available for men as far as the early drop is concerned.

A definite head-turner, word is still out on its actual size, price or when it will be launched in Singapore, but not to worry because I’ll be keeping tabs on this, so expect another update soon. Meanwhile just bask in its glory and tell me, is it a yay, or a nay, for you?

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The Very Lovely Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Bag In Rose Ballerine!

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I just got this review today and I was really excited to share it with you! My friend fell in love with this Louis Vuitton replica Brea bag as soon as she saw it and it’s not difficult to see why!

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Front View

The Rose Ballerine color was released by Louis Vuitton for Spring/Summer 2015 and it’s a very light shade of pink. Rose Ballerine combined with Monogram Vernis leather, it just doesn’t get more feminine than this!

The first time I saw this Louis Vuitton replica bag I was a bit worried about the trims around the handles, the shoulder strap, the top of the bag and the interior pocket because they looked more orange-y on Fang’s site as opposed to dark red on the official LV site and the vachetta looked a bit darker too. But my friend decided to go for it because she just liked the Brea too much! Here is her review:

“Hi Eva! I’m so excited to show you my new Brea!!! I tried it on in the boutique and absolutely fell in love so I decided to get it from Fang instead of paying like $3000+ at LV (can’t even remember the price)!

So you have pointed out the trims are not as dark red as it showed on the official site but I’ve asked Fang, she said the photos appear to be lighter than the actual bag so I decided to go for it anyway!

It turns out it’s not so bad I guess? I think the way she shipped the bag kinda destroy the sides of the bag a bit!! Let me know!!”

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Top View

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Top View

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Trims

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Trims

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Inside View

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Inside View

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Leather Stamp

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Leather Stamp

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Gold Zipper Pull

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Gold Zipper Pull

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Side View After Shipping

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Side View After Shipping

After seeing this photos, I do think that the trims look more authentic than on Fang’s site, light sometimes changes the way the colors actually look. Unfortunately, things like that happen sometimes during shipping. My advice for my friend was to either stuff the bag with tissue paper for a few days or just carry it because daily use helps the bag regain its natural shape. Here’s what she told me:

“I just contacted Fang and she taught me how to fix the bag! It looks perfect now!! I will attach some pictures so you can have a look!” Here’s how the sides look now. Much better, right?

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Fixed Side

Louis Vuitton Replica Brea Rose Ballerine Fixed Side

If you’re wondering why this happened to the bag and what did the trick, here’s the answer:

“Because Fang stuffed too much tissue paper in the bag during shipping so the papers destroy the natural shape. I just simply push the lower surface of the side of the bag where it suppose to pop out then it returns back it’s normal look! Check the picture if I sound confusing.”

How The Sides Were Fixed

How The Sides Were Fixed

And since my friend really wanted her review to be helpful, she also sent a picture of the authentic Louis Vuitton Brea Vernis Rose Ballerine that she took in the LV boutique:

Authentic Louis Vuitton Brea Vernis Rose Ballerine

Authentic Louis Vuitton Brea Vernis Rose Ballerine

An amazing review of a gorgeous bag! What do you girls think of Fang’s Louis Vuitton replica Brea bag? Do you like this color?

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Loewe Amazona75 In Canvas/Leather

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The party’s over, the champagne’s drunk. Check hashtag #CasaLoewe on Instagram and you’ll see most of what went down yesterday night at Loewe Paragon’s official opening party/FW16 preview that had Creative Director J.W. Anderson in attendance.

Besides the preview and the party, more pieces from its current S/S16 collection have also dropped and are now available in Singapore, including the Amazona75 in canvas that comes trimmed with leather all round. The rejuvenated Amazona is one that’s a cleaner, simpler and taller version of its last self, and some of you might not know this, it’s also closer to the original Amazona that first came out in 1975.

This particular variation, in canvas (SGD3290), is pretty swish as well, one that’s lined with suede on the inside. Made available with a long shoulder sling and a hang tag that has also been re-adapted (not shown), you could easily dress it up this seasonal offering, the SGD490 acetate duck brooch that comes finished in Palladium/Black.

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Day 3: The Hermès Birkin is one of the most coveted handbags of all time. You can always go to the store and try your luck to get the Birkin of your dreams, but now there are so many reputable options when it comes to the resale market. This bag is labeled as Bubblegum Pink and looks to be in good shape. The price tag is hefty, but if it's the color you want, here she is.

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Colorful Louis Vuitton Neverfull In Epi Leather Replica Handbag Review

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Do you love wonderfully colorful and stylish bags? Then you will simply adore this Louis Vuitton Neverfull In Epi Leather. I have recently seen an ad of this LV purse and I can’t get enough of it. You have probably noticed that I have a thing for Louis Vuitton handbags. Well, I can’t deny it. I like so much the way it designs the most surprising purses using very elegant and simple lines, and once in a while it surprises us with bold color accents that revive the whole concept of modern city bags. So no matter what other brands I try, I always come back to my everlasting love- Louis Vuitton.


Now, I’m crazy about the hypnotic Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather collection, but the trouble is that I can’t decide on a color. These gorgeous bags are available in numerous bright colors, colors that have a very fresh and youthful vibe. So, naturally, I can’t decide on what color to choose for my Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica bag. Should I get a red one? An orange one, yellow or blue? I just can’t make up my mind.

This is why I am asking for your opinion. What color do you think I should choose?


Until you come up with an answer, let me present this beautiful Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica bag. It is the first leather version of this ever-popular-tote LV model. The Epi Neverfull Leather is available in medium size also known as MM which is the most popular size because it can easily adapt to all needs, outfits and occasions. The purse was launched in 7 different colors, varying from the classic black to the boldest tones of orange and yelow. Also, the interior is made from stunning microsuede.


Of course, a Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica bag is just the right type of purse for a woman with a very active lifestyle who is always running between her home, the office and social events. She wants to look sophisticated, to be always prepared with her essential stuff which are well hidden inside a stylish bag and to mix and match her purse with her clothing easily. It sounds and looks like the perfect accessory for a modern fashionista, right?

So by now you have a pretty clear picture of what a Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica baghas to offer to the one who chooses to buy it. It is such a lovely bag and I can’t wait to have it in my collection, but first I want to hear your advice. What do you think? What color should I get?

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Replica Handbag Review: Celine Luggage Phantom Bag in Light Blue

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It’s no secret to anyone that the Celine Luggage Phantom Bag is one of the most beautiful and popular models these days. Countless fashionistas around the world love this design, they all love to wear it with one of their glamorous outfits. It is the perfect day purse for the office or for important meetings. It is stylish and spacious. It is everything you need to lead a modern and edgy lifestyle.

This luxury designer bag is also very much loved by movie stars and the magazines are full with photos of divas showing off their fabulous and new Celine Luggage Phantom Bag. One of my favorite versions is the one in light blue. I simply adore the look of this elegant purse. If you also like how the Celine Phantom purse looks like, but you just can’t afford its high price tag then here there are a few tips for finding a perfect replica.


The most important detail about this very beautiful bag is the leather. It is manufactured from a very resistant, thick and firm leather. This type of leather looks very refined and highlights the original lines of this bag, every curve and every folding. The original Celine Luggage Phantom Bag doesn’t need to be full in order to stand firm by its own. Even empty it keeps its special shape without bending. A poor replica bag will not have the same high quality leather and because of this it will look cheap and it will bend if its not stuffed.

Essential is the color of this Celine Phantom version. This unique blue is very difficult to find on the market of fake bags. Because of this, only a few replica manufacturer will manage to offer this exact color for your Celine Luggage Phantom fake Bag. Beware of lighter or darker shades of blue. These will be a clear giveaway.

The handles have a very well constructed shape. These look like tall arches made from the finest leather there is. To ensure the firmes of the handles, these are stitched on the inside part. The stitching offers an extra robustness.

The stitching is very important at a Celine Luggage Phantom replica Bag. These are used to outline the curves, the design embelishments and the elegance of the purse. Most decorative stitches are raised and represent the most fascinating part of the bag. Needless to say, each stitch is perfect. There are no symmetric errors, no loose threads or smudges.


The hardware has a very rough look. It is silver color and isn’t too shiny. It has a matte finish that looks very modern and city like. I love it. It is a very nice aesthetic detail that enhances the beauty of the bag. Please note that the base must have four rectangular studs made from the same silver metal as the rest of the harware.

So just pay attention to all the details of the Celine Luggage Phantom bag you want to purchase and compare every small part of the purse with the original model. It must be an exact match. If you manage to find such a Celine Luggage Phantom replica bag then you can go ahead with your order. The result will be a glamorous and beautiful replica purse.

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